The Food Industry : Developing All The Time

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The Food Industry
In ancient years, people spend most of their energy and time on producing food. But nowadays, wealth causes people to prioritize their time differently and we are allocating less time to cooking. So the food industry become more and more important and one seventh of people are working on food industry today. “Commercial food industry is a branch of manufacturing that starts with raw animal, vegetable, or marine materials and transforms them into intermediate foodstuffs or edible products through the application of labor, machinery, energy and scientific knowledge.”, Connor said in 1988. Simply say, food industry is to transform raw materials or ingredients into consumer food product. Ninety percent of all foods consumed today is processed in factory---food industry feed billions of people around the world. In this essay, I will simply introduce the food industry by talking about the following three aspect: The development of food industry, food safety and the dispute of fast food.

Food industry is based on technology and is developing all the time. Food industry has a very long history. Before thousands of years, people knew a lot of food processing method such as salting, drying, smoking, pickling, chilling and fermentation. We all have evidences to prove those. For example, parched corn has been found in pyramids and dried fruits and grains were also written in Holly Bible. Fermentation was widely used to making wines, yogurts and many other food…

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