The Food Industry Is Driven By Profit And Big Business

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The food industry in the United States today is the major force behind the foods we eat every day, and the vast majority of the products we consume and purchase provide little to no health benefits. Why? Is it because the food industry is driven by profit and big business, instead of the health and welfare of its customers. According to the documentary Fed Up, the food industry has the control and refuses to take responsibility that the products they produce are the reason behind this alarming rise in obesity (Soechtig, 2014). As a direct result, childhood obesity is at an all-time high. One third of children in America are now considered obese (Rutkow L, 2015). Experts believe is due to the over use of sugar in the vast majority of the process foods. Since 1977, Americans have doubled the intake of sugar. If we as a society do not take corrective action soon, this obesity problem will continue to grow and become one of the greatest health pandemic our country has ever seen.
There is a major health crisis plaguing the youth of the United States; Childhood obese has reached staggering heights, causing severe health concerns. If this continues goes uncheck could lead to more and more devastating health problems down the road. So why do we have such a problem with obesity? There are many reasons that contribute to these factors, lack of exercise, consuming poorly nutritious foods, or could it be physical health issue. According to the documentary Fed Up (Soechtig, 2014),…
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