The Food Industry Is Driven By Profit And Big Business

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The food industry in the United States today is the major force behind the foods we eat every day, and the vast majority of the products we consume and purchase provide little to no health benefits. Why? Is it because the food industry is driven by profit and big business, instead of the health and welfare of its customers. According to the documentary Fed Up, the food industry has the control and refuses to take responsibility that the products they produce are the reason behind this alarming rise in obesity (Soechtig, 2014). As a direct result, childhood obesity is at an all-time high. One third of children in America are now considered obese (Rutkow L, 2015). Experts believe is due to the over use of sugar in the vast majority of the…show more content…
To fight this major affliction, a new program was develop to combat the obesity problem, Let’s Move began on February 9, 2010. This program attacks the issue on a grand scale, providing information and steps to help guide Americans in making healthier choices for food and exercise (Obama, 2010). The initial response scared the majority of the food industry, believing that big brother government will interfere and disrupt this multi-billion dollar industry. So to demonstrate their comment, the food industry joined the cause and backed the First Lady’s Let’s Move initiative. As the documentary describes, this was a calculated move by the food industry to side step the responsibility that they are leading cause of this epidemic. They came to the agreement to remove “14 trillion calories” (Soechtig, 2014) from the food consumed today. This gesture was viewed as grand step forward in battling the obesity; however when the dust settled and the numbers were crunched, the evidence indicated minimal amount of calories were affected, approximately 14 calories per person a day was all that this step resulted in (Soechtig, 2014). For over thirty years the major food barons have avoided responsibility for underlying cause of this dilemma and instead invested massive amounts of money to disprove the fact that there products are
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