The Food Industry Is Ruining Its Society

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Eating in America, over the course of time, has shifted from being a sole necessity to a favorite past time. With an ever growing human population, the demand for fast and inexpensive food increases. How does a nation keep up? It does so by becoming a well oiled machine. This way, companies have the ability to push out vast amounts of product all while keep cost down. Because of this, the fast food industry is booming! Outwardly, this seems like an acceptable practice; however, often times when one is in a rush critical mistakes can occur. The food industry is not immune to these mishaps as they happen more often than not.The current processing of food is detrimental to society through employee dissatisfaction , illness, and pollution. To begin, the processing of food in America is ruining its society because of worker distain. Many places that process food, such as meat packaging factories, are in need of people willing to work. But with such a high turnover rate, one must wonder what the cause might be. Many employees are disgruntled and dissatisfied with their line of work. Their place of employment can be one full of danger. As of the year 2000, the rate of injury and illness among meat packaging workers was up to a staggering 25 percent (Olsson). With that in mind, meat packaging has become one of the most dangerous jobs in America as its rate is three times higher than that of a typical factory job (Schlosser 172). Incidents can range anywhere from trip and falls to

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