The Food Insecurity And Poverty

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This paper is focused on the causes of their food insecurity and poverty such as climate volatility and also ways to fix or help the situation that Madagascar citizens go through day to day. It is well known that many african countries are under food insecurity and poverty. What is food insecurity? “Food Insecurity-The state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.” (Google Definition) Each year more and more people die because they can’t afford ,or find ways to obtain enough food to provide them with essential nutrients and provide the energy they need to do everyday things.Found off of the Eastern coast of the African Continent, Madagascar is a very well known large island that has…show more content…
El Nino’s name had been chosen based on the time of year (December / January) which these warm waters events came up and take place year after year. Normal El Niño effects are common to occur over Madagascar during the upcoming winter season. These include hotter than normal temperatures over Eastern and central Africa and over the western and northern areas of Asia.Because of El Nino and other climate changes their main crop the vanilla bean and other crops faced many years of drought and famine. Causing the their agricultural economy to collapse. Another Tropical storm that ravaged the area is Tropical Cyclone Haruna which occurred in February of the year of 2013 this cyclone was reckless in its pass through the country of madagascar and destroyed the lives and livelihoods of thousands upon thousands of people in the area of its pass. Extreme rains and very strong winds brought down houses, destroyed their crops, and flooded areas that were located near or around bodies of water. These natural disasters created already weak populations to be even more vulnerable to waterborne illnesses, food insecurity, and prominent malnutrition.

The extremely poor income of many households is one of the many reasons why the health and the well being of so many children is so often extremely bad because without money families are not able to make it or pay for the expensive medical bills. “Ninety Two percent, or roughly 20,240,000,
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