The Food Of A Brand Cereal And A Generic Brand Food On The Aisle And At Eye Level

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You stand in your local supermarket trying to decide what cereal to buy. Being in the middle of the aisle, you can’t help but notice that the most popular brands of cereals are placed in the middle of the aisle and at eye level. The most popular ones totally take up more of the entire aisle too. Upon closer examination, you notice that those brands are definitely more expensive than the generic ones on the bottom shelves. You take a look at the nutritional contents and weights of a popular brand cereal and a generic brand cereal. They’re essentially the same: same sugar content, same calories per serving, same vitamin content, and on and on. Shortly after your curious observation of brand shelf placement and price, you shrug and buy your go-to box of Lucky Charms (which was placed at eye-level and was slightly more expensive than the other equivalent brands of toasted oats and marshmallows). As Americans, we as a society have a general consensus that we have the power to make a choice. We make choices constantly throughout our everyday lives, whether to eat this or watch that or whether to buy this or walk away from that. But do we really have that inherent ability of choice? Some can argue no, our choices were already fixed, that our sense of free will is an imaginative construct of our predetermined minds. Meanwhile others argue that yes, we can make choices that are entirely of our own volition or that we are only partially influenced by external forces, but in

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