The Food Of Food Programs

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Watching countless Food network programs as a child attracted me to a career with food. Those shows sparked my interest in cooking and trying different types of cuisine. I then became overweight from eating too many different types of food I had seen on TV. I knew that I was eating large amounts of unhealthy food and not exercising enough. I studied more on nutrition which changed my unhealthy eating habits and became healthier as I grew older. Throughout culinary school and working in restaurants I have seen how easy it is to become overweight when food is the focus. I aim to create nutritious food that people want and will help them meet a healthier lifestyle. My passion to learn more about food led me to Kapi‘olani Community College (KCC) to study culinary arts. Here I tried cooking a variety of ingredients I had never seen before and learned proper cooking techniques to prepare them. I volunteered to help chef instructors for large events such as the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival. Preparing food at these events taught me about catering foods to match clients’ taste. These experiences stuck with me because it taught me not to sacrifice taste for nutrition. Healthy food must taste good, or no one will want to eat it. To learn about nutrition I chose to attend Johnson & Wales University’s Culinary Nutrition program because it combines dietetics lectures with culinary arts labs. In my senior year at Johnson & Wales University, I did an internship at Bradley Hospital in
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