The Food Service Industry Has Gone Through Many Changes Over The Years

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The food service industry has gone through many changes over the years. As things such as society, agriculture, and technology advanced so did the way food was prepared and served. Though the food service industry as we know it today while was impart helped along by these factors, it was far more impacted by the people who worked in the industry over the last three hundred years. The first set towards the modern food service industry that we know to day came in a time when time honored tradition was the way of life. By a man by the name of Boulanger open what could be considered the first restaurant in history. In a time when the food service industry was controlled by guilds that had compartmentalized the industry one had dared to challenge them. As stories goes he had severed sheep feet in a cream sauce. When he was challenged by the stew makers guild in court he won claiming that he did not stew the feet in the sauce but rather served it with it. Since that first mile stone there have been many more important changes and advancement made to the food service industry. Another was after the French Revolution when many of the great chefs that had been employed by the nobility found themselves out of work. With no other way to support themselves they turned to what they knew and opened up restaurants of their own. Before the Revolution there were perhaps fifty or so restaurants in paris, after there were over five hundred. The 1700’s were the defining moments in the
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