The Food Stamp Program Has Been Renamed Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Essay

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The food stamp program has been renamed Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), but for many people, it is the only source of income for food. Following the guidelines of this project, I started with a weekly budget of a mere $60 for my family of two. Based on class discussions, relative poverty is defined as being poor by the standards of one’s own society. According to this definition, I am living in relative poverty. My family fits into three of the demographics of poverty: single parent, female head of household, and a minor child. If I wanted to eat more than pasta and sandwiches for the week, I had to overcome personal preferences and experience in addition to dietary and financial restrictions. CHALLENGE 1: PERSONAL PREFERENCES I began receiving assistance from federally funded programs from the time I entered motherhood. In the past, I used WIC and food stamps. Now, it is healthcare and college tuition. As a single mother, I am the epitome of the “feminization of poverty.” I am used to planning meals on a budget but not for $60 a week. As I see it, a person could keep this lifestyle for a couple of months up to a year without affecting physical health, but it could definitely affect a person’s self-worth and emotional health. Drawing from my experience in the past, it was embarrassing to be on food stamps. The stigma that goes along with people that receive government assistance is demeaning, yet it is completely necessary for some people. How would it
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