The Fool In King Lear Analysis

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Abstract- Shakespeare is one of the most well-known and cherished playwright of English Literature. King Lear is one of his popular tragedies. The character of Fool was common in Elizabethan drama. The role of fool is to amuse and entertain his master. The Fool is also privileged to speak the bitter truths to his master. This paper will attempt to analyse the role played by Fool in King Lear.

William Shakespeare is one of the most celebrated playwrights and poet in English Literature. He was popular not only during his age but even after so many centuries hispopularity continues.Ben Jonson one of well-known playwright and contemporary of Shakespeare praise him in the following words, “Soul of the age! The applause !delight! The wonder of our stage.” Shakespeare has written more than one hundred and fifty sonnets. He has penned some well-known comedies like, Comedy of Errors (1589), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1595), As You Like It (1599) and tragedies like Julius Caesar (1599), Hamlet (1600), Othello(1604),Macbeth (1605) and King Lear (1606). Richard III (1592), Richard II (1595), King John(1596) and Henry V (1598) are some of his plays based on history. His plays like Comedy of Errors (1589), Romeo and Juliet (1594), The Merchant of Venice (1596),Twelfth Night (1599), Antony andCleopatra (1606), and The Tempest (1611)have been adopted on screen.
Shakespeare was a craftsman who created characters that were close to reality.His plays has many characters like kings, barons,
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