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What force is so strong that it has the power to bring even the strongest man to his knees? What force plagues the workforce at all hours of the day? What force prevents continuous work at all times of the day, making us bow to the night as if to say “We are not strong enough”? That force is exhaustion, the most terrible and rarely conquerable force on earth. As I stood staring at such a life-like sculpture in the confines of a briskly chilly art museum corridor, I could only imagine the amount of exhausted nights the sculptor had to endure to create his extremely exhausted masterpiece. The sculptor Duane Hanson and his piece “The Football Player” most-certainly shared the same facial expression at one point in their existence, as to …show more content…
The player shown holds the cup loosely with two fingers.
Parallel to the physical state exemplified in “The Football Player”, I located a similarly themed group of sculptures entitled “Korean War Veterans” by Frank Gaylord on
The group of large sculptures is made up of eight life-size soldiers of the Korean war-era.
Dressed in rain parkas and grim faces while holding their weapons, the soldiers show a generally exhausted state, most likely from their constant battles. One soldier is pictured giving the lower-ranking soldiers orders in their freeze-frame of war, with the others not even acknowledging their commands with eye contact, instead staring straight ahead or into space. The soldiers all have quite exhausted expressions and mannerisms, such as squinting eyes and slouched postures, which help to magnify their tired states. The grey color of the unpainted stone also helps to darken the tone of the piece. The parallels in the expressions of the various warriors shown in the two pieces on the football field and on the battlefield brought up an intriguing idea to me. How does the body and mind respond to the extreme levels of exhaustion caused by their respected stressful situations? How does a human being survive in such an extreme environment without driving oneself over the edge? Exhaustion
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