The Footsteps Of Beethoven 's Final Symphony

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I understood the essence of this quote after watching the film Following the Ninth: In the
Footsteps of Beethoven’s Final Symphony. It is a very powerful film that illustrates the impact of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony on individuals from different places in the world. This film is not the type of documentary that I expected. It is one of the best film that I saw. Following the Ninth presents the significance of humanity.
The director, Kerry Candaele acknowledged that it was the third movement of
Beethoven’s final symphony that drew him into Beethoven’s world. For me, Beethoven’s last symphony has the spiritual power that lifts you up when you’re down. The impact of Beethoven’s the Ninth is so powerful that the director stated that Beethoven’s symphony “had reached me where it hurt.” The director’s interest in Beethoven started when he first listened to his last symphony in an afternoon drive to the California coast. Being carried away by Beethoven’s Ninth, Candaele has turned his interest in Beethoven’s last symphony into a film.
China, Berlin, Chile, and Japan were the countries featured in the documentary. While studying Beethoven and his last symphony, Candaele discovered that Beethoven’s Ninth “has had a lasting political presence in the 186 years since its first performance, in 1824.”
Beethoven’s last symphony became a message of hope for the protestors at the uprising in Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989. On the same year, Beethoven’s last symphony symbolized the…
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