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Liz Ford Dr. Skulley ENG 122-501 12 July 2015 Valuable Sources There are many options available during pregnancy, so why would the mother want to choose a midwife? Midwifery is a natural approach to labor and delivery that offers a less intrusive kind of birthing environment, more birthing options, and midwives are able to accommodate the specific needs and wants of the mother. When a person has the correct information from a credible source regarding what a midwife really entails, the answer will be easy to decide. To get the correct information needed about midwifery, it is important to have various credible sources to validate the author’s claims, and to decide if the information presented will be useful to making the decision to choose a midwife. The sources below will be based off of these two standards. As a prerequisite to writing my research paper over midwifery, I interviewed Jessica Anderson, a midwife with the University of Colorado Hospital (UCH), over the phone. Anderson has received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Viterbo University in 1999 and her Master of Science in Nursing degree from Marquette University in 2003. She is an expert in water births and serves as a birth advocate for women, families, and children. Not only is she an active health care professional, she pursues research in the topics of exercise in pregnancy, water birth, women’s health care policies, and immunizations. Anderson is a credible source of information because she is a

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