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As a technology start up and a new mobile app, Uber greatly impacts different aspects of society, such as the taxi industry, legal system, and customer behavior. Certain critiques regarding the safety, use, and fiscal aspects of the technology have emerged that shed light on the problematic aspects of Uber.
According to the TPLA (Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association), in association with Who’s Driving You? - a public awareness campaign - there have been increasing incidents of assault perpetuated by Uber drivers (2015). Despite Uber’s added Safe Ride fee feature to reduce cases of assault on users, problems still emerge. Uber’s added Safe Ride fee does not do enough to hinder many types of assault, primarily cases of sexual assault, which Uber has been charged with on multiple occasions. CBS News criticizes the lack of accountability from Uber headquarters as the main reason why passenger safety and security are an issue (Picchi, 2015).
Uber practically hires anyone as a driver. One report on 7 ABC News criticizes the regular background check is not enough (Allen, 2015). Uber only does private background check. In addition, Uber should, but does not, perform mental health screenings, that in some situations, may put users at risk.


Many popular literature and academic journals criticizes that Uber is not well regulated and taxed by governments. Ride-sharing economy is a very new business model and governments have
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