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Additionally, while there are solutions to the organ shortage problem, there are also alternative solutions. The first alternative solution is to establish an anonymous donor program, where organs are donated and received from complete strangers. An advantage to an anonymous donor program would be that, it would eliminate the social bias and the medical bias. On the other hand, a disadvantage would be that, the recipient of the organ would know nothing about the donor. That could present issues for someone that uses their religion to guide their decision when choosing an organ donor.
The second alternative solution is a reward system of organ donation. People that donate organs could receive money in return for their donation. That money could either come from the recipient of the organ, or an established organization. A disadvantage to a reward system of organ donation is that, people would be donating organs for the extrinsic value of the act, instead of doing it to help the greater good of someone else. Another problem that could arise is that, people would begin to feel entitled to receiving an organ if they are wealthy or come from a high level of society. On the other hand, an advantage could be that, more people would begin to donate organs if they knew that they would be receiving something in return.
So while there are many solutions and alternative solutions to the organ shortage problem, the ultimate solution is stem cell research. A stem cell can…

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