The For An Outstanding Executive Team

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Holden is a global manufacturer and distributor of motor vehicle, engines, components and parts. Holden and GM globally, viewing Australia as design centre of excellence and an important springboard into the growing Asian markets.
Despite their Australian market successes, Holden realised that to complete on the global sytage they need to move to a higher plane of leadership and collaboration. In essence, Holden wished to have an outstanding executive team, with excellent individual skills but also the mechanisms to engage effectively as a team, to realise strategic business imperatives.
In Australia, the company recently recruited a new Management Board - a diverse group of nine executive under the leadership of holden’s then Managing Director, Mr Peter Hanenberger. Peter chose Hay Group to help improve the overall capabilities and skill levels of the board and the relationships between Board members as a means to achieving their business strategy.

2. Driving Results Through Leadership And Collaboration

The perceived requirements for an outstanding executive team include :

a. Achievements of Results - Require strong , focussed and inspiring team leadership to energise and motivate employees to higher standards of performance
b. Real Business Growth - require innovative thinking and sound, timely, commercial and cohesive team decisions
c. The leader cannot do it all by himself - he requires to tap into the collective knowledge, experience and qualities of the entire…
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