The For Black Greek Organizations

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Trailblazers for Black Greek Organizations in Higher Education:
The Journey of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.,

African American education systems and colleges faced many issues systematically and socially. The process of integrating colleges was a process faced with opposition because the idea that higher education was made for strictly for white upper-class men was still the underlying ideal. While equal opportunity was promoted in the light, behind the scenes, systematically money, policy, procedure hindered black education and equal opportunity. Realizing this injustice, black students sought to find their own solutions to social justice issues happening not only within higher education but their communities while leading by example.
On December 5, 1776 the first collegiate fraternal greek letter organization in the United States, Phi Beta Kappa was founded at Yale, the College of William and Mary.Building from the example of literary organizations, which were based on literary debates, and election, Phi Beta Kappa set many standards for collegiate greek letter organizations in the realm of rituals/traditions, selective admittance, faculty and community support. It was not until one hundred and thirty years that the first black greek letter organization, Alpha Phi Alpha was founded. The need of this organization emerged from a lack of admittance and representation in social clubs and greek organizations established on college
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