The For Building Trust And Opening Up A Dialogue With The Client

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Condition : This is a time for building trust and opening up a dialogue with the client. Being aware of all the circumstances of the reasons the client is in treatment is important as the may be there for legal reasons or voluntary. They may be already in the contemplation stage or even taking action to quit their addictive behavior. In the early stages advanced addicts for certain drugs may have mental impairment that will need to be taking into consideration. In any case, some ambivalence it very likely. In the early stages being prepared to work with resistant clients - whether they are outwardly resistant or passively is particularly important. The group provides the opportunity for them to be checked by other participants -…show more content…
They can kindle the inner hope that they can and should live authentically and be responsible for their condition. In the early stages the counselor will focus on imparting information, learning their clinical needs, creating cohesiveness and harmony in the group - building the group into as hermetically sealed a container as possible with each gathering. The use of substances to change states is often motivated by the lack of sense of belonging. The goal, while hard to achieve, is to give the client a replacement from the substances / addiction in healthy community. Leadership : The counselor and leader has these major goals in the early stages of counseling In the early stages creating an environment where clients feel safe is important. Also, the leaders should have a confident, authentic and, spontaneous presence, while not being overly charismatic. The client should feel strong support and care, so they can adapt to the structure provided voluntarily and without hesitation. In group, an possible tactic is an ice breaker that allows the clients to collaboratively decide how to introduce each other in the group. This gives them a sense of community right off the bat. Particular care to connect with feelings is important in early stages and practicing sharing them
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