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There are many different categories of 3PLs that a manager has consider when entering into a contract. This can range from companies that focus specifically on transporting items to companies that focus more on the financial based part. 3PLs that are mainly involved in transportation such as truck, rail and air use 3PL to help increase their capabilities to help better serve their customers. By opening up more ways to transport it increases services that can be provided. An example form the text of a transportation based firm with a sPL is FedEx Global Supply Chain, Neptune Orient Lines Limited, etc. The Distribution category of a 3PL would be more focused on the public or contract warehousing. This is all about filling orders and…show more content…
As a manager you want to make sure that the 3PL you choose can handle any emergencies that can come up. Part of the process of picking a 3PL would be to make sure they had tools in place to accommodate changes fast and successfully. This could be anything from sensitive stock to an urgent order. Understanding that you get what you pay for is very important for a manager. If you are choosing a 3PL because it is the cheapest you will get that kind of help and attention which would cause more problems. As a manager you need to choose a 3PL not solely on the price, there is always a fair price to charge, but on how the speed and service quality of their business as well. Making sure the provider that you choose also has the right liability coverage is very important. As a manager it is your job to see that the insurance is correct and that everyone has the right qualifications in case anything where to go wrong. Within in step you also want to make sure that your provider meets any and all compliance and safety and cargo requirements. If they can meet more or all needs it can create a greater diversity of customers. Checking references on the 3PL that you ultimately will choose and the claim history is very important to look into.This will give you a good idea of what you can expect and how they deal and carry out problems in their company. If as a manager you can choose a 3PL that is closely related to your business and what your

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