The For Eventual Healing And Recovery Process

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The first factor, instillation of hope, is based on the members need to feel there is hope for their eventual healing and recovery to be found in group therapy. Being able to see and getting encouragement from other members that have overcome issues with which they are struggling with also provides much needed hope. This is often seen early in group therapy and because the drop-out rate is highest at this time instillation of hope needs to be facilitated quickly by the group therapist. An example of this factor is Alcoholics Anonymous. Established members provide hope to new members beginning the journey to defeating alcoholism. Being at various stages in the recovery process can be an inspiration to others to keep trying so that they may reach that point eventually.
Yalom’s Universality is often rated favorably on post therapy questionnaires by group members. The essence of universality is that the group member realizes that the problem they are struggling with has been experienced by others. According to Coulson and Morfett (2013), universality not only helps group members overcome isolationism it also helps validate their experiences. Universality can occur at any time during therapy and when group members overcome the sense of isolation they feel they are better able to share their problem with others and begin the healing process. This sharing and healing process can be valuable to new members that have yet to realize that there are others out there that have
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