The For Healthy Border 2010 Essay

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The “Healthy Border 2010” consisted of 11 focus areas with 21 objectives regarding public health problems that the inhabitants of the US- Mexico border were facing. Some of the objectives were met and some were not. To meet the unmet objectives of health promotion and disease prevention, the framework of “Healthy Border 2020” was constructed. This framework is composed of 5 focus areas, which are chronic and degenerative diseases; infectious diseases; maternal and child health; substance abuse and mental health conditions; and injuries. Cancer is the second leading cause of death world-wide and cervical cancer is the third most common cancer (9%) in women as well as seventh (4%) among all cancer deaths. (Chabra 2016). One of the objectives of “Healthy Border 2010” was to reduce cervical cancer death by 30%in the United States and 20% in Mexico. This objective was not completely but about to meet in Mexico by the year 2010 however, the cervical cancer death rate in the United States has not met its target by the deadline. Therefore, the area of cervical cancer is an important area of concern in the US-Mexico border. New objectives for cervical carcinoma has been set in the “Healthy Border 2020”. The new objectives include decreasing the mortality in women of 25 years or older by 20%; maintaining screening for women between 25 to 64 years at 80%; screen for women at 21 years and older; maintaining the coverage of HPV vaccinations for girls 9-11 years at 90%. Current screening
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