The For Improving Public Education

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Guardians, practitioners, and policymakers agree that the key to improving public education in America can only be done by placing highly skilled and efficient teachers in classrooms. However, the nation lacks practical sets standards and assessments that can guarantee that teachers are well prepared to teach. The Professional Education Associations began their work in 1987, (Little, & Bell, 2009). Their primary goal was to develop standards for teacher competence in assessment of students. The move was a reaction to the increasing concerns that potential educational benefits of student assessments were not being met. Despite its creation, the teacher professional standards are low and measures should be put in place to improve them.
Unlike most high-achieving nations around the globe, the United States has not created a national system to support teachers. The country also lacks incentives to ensure that all teachers are well-prepared and ready to pass on knowledge all students effectively when they enter the profession. There is also a lack of widely available methods to support the evaluation and the ongoing development of teacher effectiveness throughout their career. This goes along with the decision about their entry and continuation in the profession (Braun, 2010). Meeting the expectation that students will learn to high standards call on the transformation in the ways with which the education system attracts, prepares and supports expert teachers who can deliver…
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