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Statement of Purpose: This paper will describe a series of three time periods during which educated, western-oriented Iranians left Iran in ever greater numbers. Then the paper will explore the impact of these waves of emigration on the socioeconomic status of Iran. Also, the paper will assert that the immigrants coming to Iran do not solve the problems created by the waves of emigration. Next, this paper will describe the benefits of this Iranian diaspora to other countries, especially in Europe and North America. Finally, the paper will assess what these events foretell for Iran’s economic and political future.

Attention Getter: Let me give you a scenario. You’re a smart kid, right? Imagine you’re living in Iran as a very
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Iran has been very isolated from much of the outside world since the Islamic Revolution of 1978-1979, but its borders have not been closed (Hakimzadeh). To the contrary, the country has produced and hosted abundant flows of emigration and immigration, a steady coming and going mainly driven by key political events (Hakimzadeh). In its recent history, Iran has had the most spectacular brain drain in the world while simultaneously topping the list as a magnet for refugees, mainly from Afghanistan and Iraq. These refugees from troubled countries put a large strain on the Iranian economy, because their circumstances are very extreme.
More than 30 years since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, the United States has become home to the largest and most prosperous population of Iranians outside of the homeland. Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 and the overthrow of the Shah, there have been a countless number of educated people leaving Iran. This is likely the result of the maltreatment of citizens under the cruel regime. The lack of human rights in Iran has affected the desire for Iranians to leave. This vast emigration had affected the socio-economic status of the once prosperous nation. Today, unofficial estimates show that the United States is home to more than one million Iranians. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, they are one of the most highly educated minority populations in the country.
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