The For Recruiting Battalion For The State Of Georgia

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Section 1: Introduction. Based on my solutions, theories, and the data I have gathered about my organization, I will provide a recommendation. The comprehensive recommendation will clearly explain that the plan is feasible and how I came up with that recommendation based on theory and evidence-based research. The plan will not only address the board, but all the stakeholders in the organization. Section 2: Key Points. The sustainable initiative for the Recruiting battalion for the state of Georgia was initiated in the early 2000’s. The United States Army, as a whole, has been on an “environmentally conscious” footing since early 2000, with the introduction of “the green initiative” from the Department of Defense. During the last ten to…show more content…
With Al Gore as his Vice President, President Clinton introduced to the United Nations the sustainable development initiative, which is defined as the development of a concept that refers to development where emphasis is shifted from short term economic gains to a more long term approach where there is balance between economic, social, and environmental considerations. Sustainable development requires an integrated approach to decision-making linking the economy, the environment, and society rather than a piecemeal approach. The development of this type is a complex process of interaction between public authorities, civil society, and the private sector. We will now fast forward to the year 2000. The need for environmental awareness has increased ten-fold, with the emphasis of greenhouse effect reduction, the need to reduce dependence of fossil fuels and the push for alternative fuel sources. The countries of the world have gone to war over the access and protection of Kuwait oil fuels and the dependence over that “black gold” has created more conflicts in the Middle East, with the presence of Western nations in “holy” Arab lands. The Department of Defense is dealing with a different frame of war with distributed operations all over the globe, from disaster relief to deterrence, fighting terrorism to peacekeeping. Delivering fuel via truck over
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