The For The American Education System

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Traci is a student in the fall semester in Tyler Junior college. She is from India and still very new to the American Education System. English is not her first language, but she is extremely grateful going to college in America and having her childhood dream come true. After all, her green card is still in process and she is unable to get a job or get any kind of funds to help her with her education. She has to pay for all her expenses out of her pocket, which is very difficult, given her current financial situation. Fortunately, Tyler Junior college offers an installment tuition fees, which helps students like Traci to go to college. She depends on the library for the reserve textbooks without having to buy her own. During the first week of the school, two professors had given her assignments to read a chapter before she came to the next class. That day, she had a couple of hours before she headed out to volunteer work that she signed up for at church, so she decided to go to the library after class and finish the assignments. She went to the front desk at the library, and asked for the two reserved textbooks. The person behind the desk, informed Traci, that students are allowed to check out one book at a time. Fair enough she thought, and she checked out a text book, found an empty table, sat down, and opened up the chapter that she wanted to read. Guess what? Her jaw dropped, because that chapter had 32 pages. It may not be a lot for many students, but knowing that
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