The For The Creation Of This Document By Gov. Bradford

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What was the stated occasion for the creation of this document by Gov. William Bradford? What are the stated motives for the creation of this document?
The stated occasion for the creation of this document, “The Mayflower Pact”, referred to the creation of the Plymouth Colony in 1620. Gov. Bradford and other leaders felt the need to establish some type of order in the new land they occupied. This particular document would establish government and civil laws for the people.
How do the occasion and motives of this document impact 21st century America? What aspects can you see as fundamental to the fabric of our society? Why or why not?
The occasion and motive of this document continues to impact us today as we continue to live under an established government and civil laws. For me, the document revealed fundamentals our society that continue to hold true, in theory. The document showcased their continued deep faith and belief in God and His guidance; continued loyalty to his country and his superiors; mutual regard for each other as equals under God; and the intent of establishing just and equal laws with a democratic government in the eyes of the people, which became the first recorded government in history.
Are the motives behind this document still valid for the 21st century guidance of the United States? Why or why not?
I stated “in theory”, due to the events that are happing today. For example I stated “their continued deep faith and belief in God and His

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