The For The Cultural Scavenger Hunt

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For the cultural scavenger hunt, I was able to observe my doctor’s office, called Doctors Family Practice Center. It was interesting for me to notice the setting more in detail, and to observe people, pictures, and literature. Although I have been there a few times, it was helpful to notice small details. I was glad that I was able to do this project, because in the future I will observe healthcare settings more in detail. While at the doctor’s office, I noticed several pictures that were displayed on a wall that included health care providers and their roles. The pictures were located in the waiting area. It was large pictures with a frame, which appeared to be about 2 feet long. The majority of the providers in the picture appeared to…show more content…
From listening to the conversations that took place between the staff and patients, it seemed like the process of signing in was simple for them. The staff was mostly white except for a medical assistant who was African American. I was the only minority in the waiting room. There was patient literature about the prevention of diabetes, and tips to stop smoking. The patient literature was in the waiting room on a table with a couple of magazines. The patient literature was only in English. In the waiting room there was a shelf, which had a variety of magazines. The magazines varied from cooking, to health. The magazines were in English, and not provided in any other languages. The signage in the doctor’s office was apparent and identifiable. I could easily identify the sign-in desk, exits, and bathrooms. Furthermore, there was a fire escape route on the wall highlighting different exits, stairs and where you currently are. It was located in the lobby as well as the examination room. My findings in the doctor’s office were inadequate. I felt as though the lobby did not have enough pictures, as well as diversity. It felt very plain, because the paint colors were white and blue. The picture in the lobby included an older man with gray hair, it made me appreciate that it was there because of ageism. As people grow older we tend to assume they do not need to work, but if they have skills I believe they should still be able
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