The For The Financial Services Industry Essay

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FinancialStar has many competitors in the financial services industry. We have three major com-petitors in the credit union industry and are in the top five list of credit unions in the United States. We also compete with Bank of America, BB&T and Wells Fargo since membership with FinancialStar is open to all legal residents of United States. In Canada, we are the only credit union cooperation, but compete with the Royal Bank of Canada and TD Bank.

In addition, there are other external environments for which we have little to no control:
1. Political: changes in the political leadership, public opinion and regulatory environ-ment, role of government in provision and contracting to address societal needs
2. Economic: changes in work force, income distribution, inequalities and gaps
3. Ecological: changes in the physical and biological environment
4. Technological: changes in the hardware, information technology, processes and sys-tems of how programs are delivered and data are collected and provided
5. Social: changes in the norms, behavioral patterns, education availability and attain-ment, health conditions, and demographics
6. Sector: changes in the ecosystem of partner organizations and competitors in the mar-ket, and the resources available for organizations to thrive

FinancialStar’s major attributes are our recurrent and persistent ability to provide out-standing quality in service, our brilliantly talented strategists and their financial prowess, our
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