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While working in the healthcare field you meet many different people throughout your day. You meet potentially thousands in any given year, and countless numbers over an entire career. These people may be your patients, their families, friends, or even just a stranger in the hallway. Having an understanding that we are all different and come from different backgrounds and beliefs is imperative to providing the best care for our patients. To these people their beliefs are just as important to them as ours are to us. My church works heavily in Jinotega, Nicaragua and local communities surrounding. Because of our involvement there I have chosen to write about Latino culture. According to Bryan Reeves, a member of my church who has visited Nicaragua numerous times, “A person with any formal Western medical training is a huge asset down there.” I have hopes of someday visiting this area of the world and help provide care for these people. Latinos refers to anyone from Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, or South and Central America (Juckett 2013). Much of these areas are farmland and ranges surrounding very small rural communities. In these areas conventional medical help can be limited and is typically folk remedies. This can have a major impact on our abilities as providers since our patients may feel leery of our medical practices.( Cite) There are also large cities full of industry, where major healthcare providers can be found, such as hospitals. (Juckett 2013). Corn and beans
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