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The Home Office (2013) stated that the definition of racially motivated victimisation is “any incident, including any crime, which is perceived by the victim or any other person to be motivated by a hostility or prejudice, based on a person’s race or perceived race”. The definition of race has been widely contested by different academics such as Omi and Winant (1986) who developed the Racial Formation theory, a theory that claimed that race is something that is fluid, where "the racial order is organized and enforced by the continuity and reciprocity between micro-level and macro-level of social relations" (p.67), which suggest that race is determined by how we interact with others and the social structures and common ideologies of a society (p.66-67). Whilst anthropologists follow a different discourse of race, which suggest that race is a static and unchanging concept based purely on physical and genetic criteria (Cartmill, 1998). Specific races have historically experienced racially motivated crimes and prejudice, such as Jews and Black people. In addition, the term immigration can be seen as a coded word for race/racism due to the racialization of immigrants (Morosanu et al, 2012), the impact of immigration and the negative stereotype will be discussed in this essay to achieve an understanding of the origin of racially motivated victimisation. Furthermore, this essay will evaluate the nature and extent of racially motivated victimisation by discussing the various ways…
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