The For The Hygiene Care Of A Resident Essay

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After doing the medication rounds, I was asked to help with the hygiene care of a resident, Mrs V.E, a cancer patient in the terminal stage of her disease. She was very big, had oedema on all extremities and could barely move. She also had a big, open and deep wound on her left leg that was not healing and she could feel excruciating pain even upon slight movement because of the nerve compression. She was on syringe driver with pain relievers and anxiolitics to keep her calm and free of pain. Together with and enrolled and a registered nurse, we knock on her door and entered the room. At first glance, I could tell from her eyes that she accepted the fact that she was going to die soon keeping a calm face and a sincere smile as we greeted her. We explained that we were going to do bed bath and wound dressing as she had not had any hygienic care for the past three or four days. Without any hesitation, she nodded and agreed. Moreover, she complained of itchiness all throughout her body. As I started to wipe her face with a warm, moist towel, I noticed that relief was written all over her face with every gentle stroke I made. She frowned and tried to bear the pain as I moved her arms and carefully cleaned it. I told her “I am sorry” a couple of times every time she was in pain because of our intervention. After the fifth time that I apologized, she burst out, “quit saying you are sorry!”. It stunned me for quite a while and I did not say anything after five minutes,
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