The For The Interethnic Church Experience

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For the interethnic church experience, I went to St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania. I attended with three of my friends Ashley, Cassandra, and Jennifer. My friends came along in order to gain the experience from the church with me. We all had different experiences, but we all felt glad that we went together and to the church. When planning to go to the church, I read some articles on the proper etiquette of the church, and how to act in an Orthodox church. The rules included sitting up straight or standing for the whole service as they do in other parts of the world, and how to venerate an icon. I was nervous to do all these steps, because I did not want to mess up or offend anybody. However, I practiced and tried to be prepared. Also, picking an outfit was a struggle because I wanted to be very respectful to the culture. The church that I attend when I am at home is very relaxed, and do not care if a person wears jeans to the service. They still want the people in attendance to be respectful and modest, but besides that, people can wear whatever the feel comfortable in. When preparing to attend this church however, I picked my outfit carefully and hoped that I would be dressed up enough. When I arrived, I saw that I was and felt more relaxed. I was also nervous about the language barrier, as I do not know Serbian. I did not know if the whole service would be in Serbian or if only part of it would be in a foreign language. I was excited to
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