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To develop a proposal about the extent of the diffusion of the Report Card is necessary to consider the Spanish health care system perspective, which will be appropriate for other decentralised countries like Sweden and Italy, but also to develop a proposal that can be suitable for other’s country within the EU. Health System Background Reformed into a tax-funded national health system (Sistema Nacional de Salud, SNS) during the 70-80s, this health system is considered as a complex but fruitful health systems within the EU. Its founding principles are the universal coverage for all the residents, equity in access to healthcare services, decentralised governance and system integration [1]. Holding well-defined rights and duties of both…show more content…
The performance monitoring function is also held at this central level. To facilitate the health policy coordination between the regional and national level the Inter-Territorial Council of the National Health System (CISNS) was established as the highest coordination body [1] but does not have executive power. The CISNS has the function of providing recommendations to promote cooperation and cohesion, and assess the essential duties of the SNS [3]. Other stakeholders such as the Ministry of Education (Provision of professionals), and the Ministry of Science and Innovation (to address research needs) also collaborate with the CISNS. The healthcare provision comprises and integrated system of public structures and private entities, but the primary provider is the public sector. Nevertheless, the SNS can pull resources of the private sector when is needed, to maintain or improve performance (i.e., reduce waiting lists). It also defines Heath Zone Areas that provide comprehensive care up to 250.000 individuals and a Basic Health Zone, which provides outpatient care for up to 25,000 patients. All this structure is aligned with the principle of the provision of comprehensive health care. The healthcare services are free at the point of delivery, with the exception of the pharmaceuticals [2]. The principal structures and main function of this SNS can be observed in the following figure: Figure 1: Spanish National Health System. Source: Elaborated within group
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