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glasses. This new location is a prime piece of real estate in the middle of New York City, right on the southeast corner of Central Park, with a vast amount of foot traffic. In order to keep their glasses a hot commodity for the public, there are only a limited amount of the product sold each day, making the product extremely desireable to the public. The glasses sell for $130 a piece, but to buy a pair now on eBay, the prices range from $900 to $4,500 for sealed and unsealed containers. The cheapest way to obtain a pair is to on the line at a vending machine or the new pop-up shop and hope that there is enough stock. The vending machines are called ‘Snapbots’ and can be chased around the country, is the buyer is willing to search for one. The vending machine is placed in a new location about every 48 hours, and has made it to a few locations throughout California including, Venice Beach, Big Sur, and Santa Monica. Other surprise locations include, Catoosa, Oklahoma and most shockingly, at the bottom of the Grand Canyon (Carson,1). Another way to purchase a pair of the Spectacles is at the NYC pop-up shop that is located on East 59th Street. The NYC pop-up shop will be open until New Year’s Day, and from there anything can happen in terms of how many new pop-up shops may open around the country next. Snapchat 's marketing team has done an excellent job with the Spectacles. Not only are the glasses hard to come by, but they have been released around the holidays, a prime
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