The For White Collar Criminals

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The Americans emphasis on the character of them leaders in their corporations says a lot about how these guys are important and whatever they do really affects where the organization goes. Leaders first should be of impeccable character that will be emulated by those below them and be admirable. Actions such as corruption, unaccountability and so much more are bad apples in the organization and should be eliminated through punishments for white collar criminals. An example is Cornelius Vanderbilt who made fortunes through steamships and railroads for being such great leader to be an icon to the insiders and outsiders of his firm. Daniel also says that main decision making is to be done by these corporate leaders as they set the pace of the organization. What they decide to do will eventually take the organization to the wrong and right place. Though the Americans started to look at the corporations as entities rather than the activities or decisions of the top individuals. This was due to the conflict of interest that occurred in the construction of railroads where insider deals were made to benefit specific individuals. The policy pooling was used to reduce the restraint of trade that powerful corporations used and therefore many decisions were done involving all stakes. The top leadership should also have in their agenda to put workers first. Most often they should focus on issues like better working conditions, motivation programs, better remuneration, assured securities
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