The Forbidden Jungle - Original Writing

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The Forbidden Jungle
It was August 11, 2037. There was a kid named Isaac. He is 13 years old about 5ft tall weighs about 108 pounds has hazel eyes, blond hair, and white.
Isaac Thomas woke up one morning with his sister. He got up and went to put clothes on. He ran to the woods were his dog had been caged up. His dog is a husky with white spots. He walked his dog up the road to his grandma’s house.
Isaac was halfway to his grandmas house. He looked up and saw a swirling cloud. There was dust flying up and cars flying around. He suddenly stopped and ran to his house. There was stuff landing in front of him behind him and the loud thunder roaring. He got to his house and slammed the door. Distal ran out and yelled what 's
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You can tell by the tears running down there face. The also were as pale as a ghost. Isaac said “what 's going on”. They said sadly “Are parents were crushed by a truck that flew out of the sky .” The strangers started crying. Tears running down there face like a waterfall. Distal and Isaac stared at them like there were some weird animal. Distal looked at Isaac and told the strangers “Everything will be alright.”
The walked into the forest with the strangers. They walked cautiously thou the forest. Many birds were chirping. The snakes were slithering on trees. Isaac and Distal started fighting.They were arguing about “why he have to walk to grandmas why couldn 't you just stay home so we could have gotten in the cellar.”
“I wanted to see how she was doing.”
“I dont care if you had stayed at the house we would have never been in this mess.”
The stranger John said fiercely “Why don 't you too shut up.”
Distal and Isaac said “sorry”.
They walked around a curve and heard running water. They all looked at each other and took off running towards the sound of water. It was a creek running upstream. About 100 ft in front of them was a waterfall. They all bent done to drink some water. They all got done filling up with water and they decided to split up to find there way out of the forest. They split up into 2. Distal and John went one way and Isaac and Sally went the other. They made a deal if they haven 't found a way out then meet back here by sundown. Isaac and Sally
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