The Forbidden Jungle - Original Writing

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The Forbidden Jungle It was August 11, 2037. There was a kid named Isaac. He is 13 years old about 5ft tall, weighs about 108 pounds has hazel eyes, blond hair, and white. Isaac Thomas woke up one morning with his sister. He got up and went to put clothes on. He ran to the woods were his dog had been caged up. His dog is a husky with white spots. He walked his dog up the road to his grandma’s house. Isaac was halfway to his grandmas house. He looked up and saw a swirling cloud. There was dust flying up and cars flying around. He suddenly stopped and ran to his house. There was stuff landing in front of him behind him and the loud thunder roaring. He got to his house and slammed the door. Distal ran out and yelled what 's going on. He said get to the basement. As they were down in the basement the thunder and lighting were crashing and slamming on the ground. He woke up from a deep sleep, from the storm. He got up and it was like nothing happened. So he walked outside and it was like he had been sleeping for ages. The dog got out of the basement and sat by Isaac. The both looked around curious on what 's going on. It was a jungle. A jungle with many noises. Isaac and Distal were scared out of there minds. They didn 't know what has happening. Isaac says “ Where are we.” “I don 't no but I am really scared.” Distal said very scared. Isaac says very worried. “ Don 't worry well be fine.” As Isaac finished that sentence there friends showed up. They were scared to.
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