The Forbidden Romantic Love Between Romeo And Juliet

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The forbidden romantic love between Romeo and Juliet.

By Ashleigh Moseley.
Year 10 English: Mrs Shaw.
For this anthology about love I have chosen, and mainly centred around the topic of love that is forbidden. With this type of love, comes many struggles and questions that I’m sure must go through the minds of people in this situation. This is what happens with Romeo and Juliet in the Play written by William Shakespeare in 1591. It will be a romance that will strongly challenge them, but as we see it will not break the bond of love they have for each other. In this task I will try to describe the pain, happiness, frustration, forgiveness, anger, and joy through a collection of shorts texts that come with the topic of persecuted, and forbidden love.

Author unknown.

Juliet is willing to love Romeo no matter what. I think that this short poem describes the nature of their love very well. This is how they think, act and live out their love for each other. I noticed that the words in this poem: “you are my best friend, my human diary my other half”, picture how they feel about each other in a really clear way. Both from families that hate each other, yet they treat each other as if they are there only hope…. Their best friend, the diary with which they right they feelings for each other. This I feel clearly describes what it must feel like to love dearly someone who you are not allowed to…
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