The Force Awakens Stereotypes

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The Force Awakens is the newest episode of Star Wars that has been released in theatres, and takes place many years after the fall of the Galactic Empire. The Resistance, the new Rebel Alliance, now faces a new threat, the First Order. In the hopes of defeating this threat, they look to Luke Skywalker, who’s whereabouts are unknown. Rey, the capable and independent protagonist, rescues a BB-8 unit and discovers it holds the missing piece of the map that leads to Luke. Together, along with Finn, Han Solo, and Chewbacca, they must find a way to deliver the piece of the map to The Resistance and stop the First Order’s plans of annihilation.
When someone thinks about the qualities of a hero, the few that always come to mind are strength, an acting leader, and a protector of the innocent; all of which are qualities thought of as being predominantly male. These qualities are further exemplified in Luke Skywalker, the young Jedi Knight of episodes IV through VI, all of which were made about forty years ago. A young farmer who was strong with the force, Luke went on to become one of the strongest Jedi
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In doing so, it displays the way our society has progressed to view women as physically capable as men. The importance of this idea cannot be overstated. The Force Awakens was a highly anticipated movie with a fan base that stretched around the world. Adults and children all know of Star Wars, and to depict the hero of the newest episode as a female sends strong messages to everyone. Little girls look up to Rey and feel inspired by her actions. Little boys who see a female as the hero will view her as their equal and respect her. The countries who still view women as lesser beings will see Rey’s strength and independence. While it may not urge them to act, it should certainly give them something to consider about the way they view their own wives and
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