The Forces Behind Special Interest Groups

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Introduction The political structures that govern our society are not always easy to identify. The complex nature of legislature processes creates environments that are conducive to specialized and targeted means of acquiring power. There are many reasons why secret cabals of power have seemingly taken the effectiveness out of our democratic processes. Most of these reasons can be indentified through the phenomenon of special interest groups and the impact on law, society and economy that these forces exert. The purpose of this essay is to describe and explain the forces behind special interest groups and how these units seek to influence the making of public policy. In order to accomplish this task, this essay will first define what a special interest group is and the history behind this political tactic. The essay will continue to distinguish some of the facets of this term by discussing the relationship between these special interest groups and political parties. The essay will also examine how these interest groups manipulate congress and the president in their attempts to gather power and influence within the political and governmental structures here in America. Defining Special Interest Groups Special interest groups take an official and unofficial form. These organizations seek to influence government policy by using their bargaining and negotiating skills. These groups major intent is to both produce their service or good but also to influence government as
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