The Ford, Firestone, And The Financial Corporations On Wall Street

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1. Based on the information presented in the PBS documentary and the TIME article, describe how the behaviors of corporations, such as Ford, Firestone, and the financial institutions on Wall Street, could or should be understood as crime whether or not they have been prosecuted? How do these activities differ from those involved in “typical” street crimes?
I believe that the behaviors of the Ford, Firestone, and the financial corporations on Wall Street were considered criminal behaviors. There was sufficient evidence against these corporations. Apparently, the prosecutors could not prove criminal intent in their behaviors; however, in the case of the financial institutions on Wall Street, you cannot have millions of loans bought and sold that clearly do not meet the standards of a “good loan”. Additionally, it seems utterly irresponsible for the executive banking institutions to not be aware of these loans not meeting the standards for all of the years they were being bought and sold. I believe knowing this information proves criminal intent because no further action there was taken to prevent these loans from being bought and sold without regulation.
The same can be applied to the Ford and Firestone corporations. These institutions put the SUV out on the market being aware about the engineering issues and the possible fatalities it could cause. These activities differ in street crime because they very theoretical. There is no direct association between the crime and
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