The Ford Motor Company And General Motors

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The largest contributor to Canada’s Gross Domestic Product is Canada’s largest manufacturing employer (Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Association, 2011), but how has this sector surpassed all other industries? and how has this sector survived all the economic destructions riddled throughout Canada’s history? This is the Canadian automotive industry and it is enormous and powerful yet so threatened by politics. Two of the largest players in the automotive industry are the Ford Motor Company and General Motors. By comparing the two paths both parallel companies have taken throughout over one hundred years of operations (Dykes, 2015), we can expose proper and improper business strategies within Canada. We can adventure through the strengths built up by management, the weaknesses that have attacked through the inside, the potential opportunities forecasted to arise, and the threats that may enforce themselves towards these industrial giants. From this we may be able to gather just what it takes to survive the Canadian market. The Ford Motor company was founded in Windsor Ontario in 1904 and initiated the commercialization of the automotive industry in Canada (Dykes, 2015). Four years later in 1908 General Motors was founded by Colonel R.S. Mclaughlin. The government of Canada had placed tariffs, long before the invention of the working combustion engine, on carriages entering Canada (Melandon, 2009). This in turn forced entrepreneurs like Mclaughlin to establish manufacturing
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