The Ford Motor Company Success

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On June 16, 1903, in the town of Dearborn Michigan, the Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford. Five years after Henry Ford founded Ford Motor Company he introduced the world-famous Model T. The Model T had huge success, and the demand was in no short supply. The Model T was the first automobile that gave the consumers what they wanted, at a price they could afford. In 1908 the building time was over twelve hours per model T produced. Twelve hours was not practical, so Henry Ford created the moving assembly line, and as a result, the Model T took less than three hours to complete. The revolutionary assembly line took Ford Motor Company success to new heights. By 1914 Ford was producing more than three hundred thousand cars, which was more than all the other auto manufacturers combined at the time. As success continued to grow for the company Henry Ford was able to buy out a number of smaller investors and created the company in Delaware, where Ford was able to build one of the most well-known industrial complexes in the world, River Rouge. At the end River Rouge construction, the facility had the ability have iron ore brought in at one end and roll out completed automobiles at the other end of the facility (Forbes). The success of the Ford Motor Company was kept in the family, because for almost thirty-seven years Ford Motor Company was held strictly by members of the Ford family, and Ford influenced programs and foundations. It wasn’t until 1956 when Ford stock was…

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