The Ford Motor Company Supply Chain Management

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The Ford Motor Company’s Supply Chain Management

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The Ford Motor Company’s Supply Chain Management 2

The Ford Motor Company’s Supply Chain Management ABSTRACT The influx of foreign automobiles that flood the United States market is higher than ever before and American companies are struggling to adapt to this decrease in market share. Ford is one of the organizations that has restructured its supply chain strategy to better integrate suppliers into their system reducing cost and
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This is something that must be addressed in supply chain management because if one area of the company is operating below capacity the other sectors will not be able to make up this lack of production. Another main component of supply chain management is how to handle damaged goods. It is a waste of money to send out defective products because it costs the organization large amounts of money to recall the damaged materials back to the factory and replace them, slowing production efficiency. There must be quality controls and regulations that enable Ford to minimize inventory defects and returns. The Ford Motor Company must have damage control operations to continue manufacturing the same amount of automobiles so that they do not lose any necessary inventory. There must also be procedures in place that deal with delivery systems and the delays and unsuitable materials that could easily occur. This paper will fully break down the previous issues associated with the Ford Motor Company 's supply chain management and operations. SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT OF FORD Synopsis of Supply Chain Management as it Applies to Ford The definition of supply chain management (SCM) involves taking a systems approach to the entire supply chain with the overall goal of reducing the level of risk and uncertainty throughout the supply chain. This will ultimately permit lower
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