The Ford Motor Company's Success

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The Ford Motor Company’s Lincoln marque has fallen far since 1998, the last year it was the top selling luxury automotive brand in the United States. These days, the segment is dominated by BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz with Audi, Cadillac, Acura, and Infiniti also outselling Lincoln. But there is hope for a brand that once seemed ready to follow Mercury to its own Ford-orchestrated demise. In 2015, sales rose by 7.1 percent, topping 100,000 units for the first time in years and at a pace that is 25 percent higher than 2013 calendar year sales. Lincoln: Dominated by SUVs The brand’s lineup is composed of six vehicles — four SUVs and two sedans — representing the kind of product mix that should ensure future growth. After all, demand for SUVs is surging and at the expense of sedans. Two of those SUVs, the compact MKC and the midsize MKX crossovers, are contributing nearly half the brand’s sales. The MKX is new for 2016 and follows the all-new MKC to the market by one year. 2016 Lincoln MKC A 2016 Lincoln MKC was a recent weekly driver, a model that shares its platform with the Ford Escape. Common for the Lincoln line is its close relationship with Ford vehicles, with trim differences typically serving as the main distinction between the two. It’s a point of contention regularly lobbed by the brand’s most strident critics, including some who still think Lincoln should be vanquished to the dustbin of canceled automotive brands. The MKC doesn’t completely change

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