The Forever Long Never Ending Time For An Essay

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The Forever-Long-Never-Ending Time for an Essay A few years back I saw Albert Einstein, who was quoted saying. "The only source of knowledge, is experience." I 've always seemed to stick that in my thought process some way, now, going back to the exact moment I figured out the importance of not only school, but life. You see, now, I am an honor student. Now, I am a sophomore, who is 15 and can differentiate between right and wrong (by the way, I choose right). Now, I am a creation of my experiences. Now, this is me, but going back, I was a different person. Then, I was an immature kid, who was more perfect than the pope. Then, I was a 12 year-old kid, and I made sure I was known. All you needed to do was have fun, things can be done later, so you can do whatever you want right now. That 's exactly what I thought, yes it was, whatever I wanted to do. Until that sunny-and-75 day. The day at 10:50, where I was in my seat when the bell rang for the first time all year, wishing, hopefully, a miracle would happen where I would pass out dead, right then and there, just to avoid explaining to Ms. Finch about how giving me forever-long-never-ending time wasn 't enough.
Let me rewind to two months previous of that moment, where I half-listened-half-slept to Ms. Finch go on and on, rambling about this "forever-long-never-ending" time, just for one project.
"Who needs that much for an essay?" I screamed out loud, waking up entirely when she mentioned "two months."
"Exactly Joe," Ms.…

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