The Forge Of Vulcan, By Baptiste Marie Pierre 's Work

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The Forge of Vulcan is Jean-Baptiste-Marie Pierre’s work finished around 1750-1760 while The Diver—The Coral Fisherman painted by Ary Renan in 1882. This essay would discuss the similarities and diversities of these two works of art.
Firstly, the most impressive similarities of these two paint is that both of this two works are oil paintings depicting mysterious figures. In Pierre’s The Forge of Vulcan, we can easily find it is narrative, describing a story and relationships among figures. Apparently, as the only female in this work, the nude woman is the central figure. Personally, I believe the the story goes like this: Vulcan—the god of fire shows his respect toward Aphrodite who is the goddess of beauty. He kneeled on the ground, presenting a gift to the female. Interestingly, his face is invisible, however, even though he is back toward us, we can feel his emotion from his motion and pose: He admires and loves Aphrodite so that he wants to prevent whatever he owns to her. Not only Vulcan shows his emotion but also Aphrodite. From her expression, we can find the dramatic emotional response—her face appears flush, looking toward the stuff hold by Vulcan. Similarly, Renan’s The Diver—The coral Fisherman also portray stories about mysterious figures. Differently, there is only two main figures while that in The Forge of Vulcan appearing 5 figures. Renan paint this picture from an unusual angle (since it seems looking up from the sea.) In my opinion, Renan tells a story
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