The Forgotten 500 by George Freeman

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Freeman frequently used Government documents to tell some stories of these men and sometimes interviews from various articlesto cross-reference the amazing heroic rescue stories of some of the 500 American air men, after most where shot down during the bombings of German petroleum Fields during Operation Air Bridge. For instance,in the beginning he tells Mike McKool’s story from the summery of the account he provided in Operation Air Bridge, along with newspapers articles from 1946(48). Than he goes on to tell the story of Thomas Oliver and how he “was flying a barrowed plain” from His summary of his account he provided in his unpublished manuscript (49). At the end of the book he gives notes to prove that his facts or sources are creditable. He does supply enough info to insure his facts are indeed respectable. The only down side to his sources is that he didn’t personally interview these men, due to the fact that many aren’t around now days. Scope of Events THE FORGOTTEN 500 tells the story of "Halyard Mission" in 1944, the largest rescue ever of downed American airmen. More than 500 U.S. airmen were rescued, along with some from other countries, all right under the noses of the Germans, and mostly in broad daylight. Oil played a major role in WWII, The effort to master its sources or to manufacture it, or the attempt to deny it to an enemy-was a major factor in defining the approach of World War II. Movements were decided or swayed by the obtainability of oil or
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