The Forgotten Dead By William D. Carrigan And Clive Webb

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“Forgotten Dead” by authors William D. Carrigan and Clive Webb, delivered a collective narration of the numerous lynching crimes against Mexican people in the southern west states of the United States. Their purpose was to describe that extend of mob violations against the minority groups of people in the United States. By, arguing how many of these racial crimes were prejudice to eliminate the potential competition for territory, and gold mines’ economy that were potentially able to provide the envy position that Anglo people were afraid to loose. They wanted to figure out, who these forgotten dead Mexicans were at the time, and what types of “crimes” they committed to face such cruelty death in the hands of the mob Anglo groups. They uncovered the grand extend of violent scenes that Anglo vigilantes members of mob groups organized the banishment of many Mexican in what they had considered part of their territory at the time. They were Anglo racial mobs that created freighted violence of lynching, decapitation, gun downs, mutilation, burnings, and many more crimes that not only were committed to Mexican but other minority groups residing in former Mexican territories. Perhaps Mexican population was not the only target to these mob lynching groups, they demonstrated how many African Americans, Chileans, and Chinese also were brutally killed, but the evidence given still portray the big difference of hate against these other races. The authors also explained well the

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