The Forgotten Existence - Him

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Him He lay himself down onto the warm, gravelly ground, gazing up into the dark blue sky in the cooling dying light of dusk. The shimmering, sparkling spots of stars began to emerge from the last dying breaths of the sun. He placed his hands on his stomach, inhaling deeply, watching his hands rise with his stomach as the bitter air filled his stomach and pierced his lungs. He watched his hands lower from beneath him as the exhale of cloud blossomed out in front of his face. The vibrations began to his left. He could hear the unstable rumbling of the oversized vehicle against the road. He lay himself against the ground, bracing himself, waiting… It was getting louder and closer, his body vibrating violently. Two blindingly bright lights approaching, the prolonged, deafening honk of the horn milliseconds away, and then suddenly it was everywhere. He opened his mouth and roared with ecstasy, his voice being ripped away by the bottom of the oversized truck. The thrill of holding hands with death overwhelmed him as he was yet again, plunged into darkness as the truck continued on its journey. He lay there, breathing heavily, grinning stupidly at the stars that mocked him from so high up. He pulled himself up into a sitting position, combing his fingers through his gravelly hair. He looked behind him; the taillights of the truck were already hundreds of metre away. Birds perched themselves on the power lines overhead, the occasional crow wafting away with breaths of wind. He
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