Essay The Forgotten Group Member

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The Forgotten Group Member

GM591 Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Sunday, March 18, 2012

The case study of The Forgotten Group Member demonstrations in what manner teams separate due to an absence of communication. The case verifies that knowing how to lead a team is just as significant as being a part of the team. It is imperative to understand that not only does a leader have the responsibility to lead the team but the members have a responsibility to partake in order for the team effectively complete an assignment.
Part I: Group Development
Teams pass through numerous stages for example the forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning stages. This particular case places the team within the storming
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Based off his action, not attending team meetings and providing brief notes, Mike has become the social loafer of the team. Social loafers can be described as team members who work less and put less effort into the team assignment, than he or she would do if he or she had to complete the assignment alone. The key issues’ facing Christine is not only Mike’s social loafing but the lack of communication on her behalf to inform Mike of his lack of participation.
By understanding the stages of group development, Christine should have redefined her team roles so that social loafers are more visible and peer pressures are more likely. This in turn will lead to yet another theory concept known as Social facilitation. Social facilitation occurs when the behavior of team participants are influenced positively by the presence of others in a team. According to our text, Social facilitation theory suggests that working in the presence of others creates an emotional arousal or excitement that stimulates behavior and therefore affects performance. When Christine recognized Mike as the “clown” of the group she should have relied on his strengths to embrace the audience. Perhaps assigning him the task of presenting the power point slides for their team presentation.
Part III: Retrospective Evaluation
Since this a difficult situation to solve and each

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